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Bill Quimby wrote the book on toll free numbers and founded TollFreeNumbers.com in 1995.

He has been one of the nations leading experts in the toll free and vanity number industry for 2 decades. 1800MARKETER.com LLC has always been a small family owned business competing against some of the very biggest companies in the world and we run circles around them.

The real difference between 1-800 MARKETER and the other big companies in this is that we focus on just this and do a better job at it. You can buy meat at a supermarket like Walmart but you won't talk to anyone that specializes in toll free numbers. Or you can go to a toll free number specialist, that's like a butcher shop,
with more options, more experience and more help! At a big phone company you're just a number and toll free is an after thought, and vanity numbers are an after thought of an after thought to them. On the other hand that's what we have specialized in for 20 years.
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We've collected and organized all of the experience of 75,000 customers acquiring and transferring their toll free numbers to literally every toll free service out there.

Being small also means you can talk to a real person that knows what they're doing not some call center that does a little of that among a lot of other things. You can call the real TOLL FREE SUPER HEROS at 1-800 MARKETER and actually talk to the owner and the people that actually do the work.

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