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Bright House
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by sanjay     July 23, 2015    
David Cunliffe
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I've worked with both providers before. I run a non profit call center PBX which handles 1000's of calls on a daily basis. It is important for our company to be nimble to our clients and partners at any given time. 800numbers and Bright House have strived for excellence in making our objectives happen. I was very pleased with the services that I received from both parties I needed a 800 number in a hurry to take care of our homeless folks in the community and it took less than a day to get the number from 800numbers which they held for over a month and made it easy for us to get the line going until I could get the necessary configurations setup with BrightHouse. When it was time to transfer they made it a snap for my rep to pull the number over was very happy with customer service! I couldn't be more pleased and will be utilizing their services in the future for any other 800 number solutions that I need.

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