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Callture Inc.
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by sanjay     July 24, 2015    
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it might work it might not work

We have been with Callture for a couple of years now and we are finally moving on to a better service.
the problems we are experiencing are:
our 1-800 number suddenly unreachable.
voicemails suddenly corrupted
voicemail to email service suddenly stops working
bugs in the web interface
the problem is that you won't notice your service is failing but your customers do, so we figured the few dollars we save with Callture/Telcan dus not weigh up to the business we lose caused by their unreliable service
we have to call ourselves every morning to make sure our phones are still working and our messages are being forwarded
it also takes the support team usually hours/days to fix a problem.
Callture is actually a really good idea and it has great options and it would be awesome if it was reliable but it isn't

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