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One of the questions we get is can these numbers be used in Canada and what Canadian phone services can we use it with? First the short answer is yes, any number you get from us can be used in Canada. It's the same system, the North American Numbering Plan and we use the same country code and dialing. You can point any toll free number to a Canadian or US local number and can use any company you want for the service, and can receive calls from wherever you want in the US and/or Canada.

So what companies can you use in Canada? You can use most of the Milkshake and VOIP companies. You do NOT have to use Canadian based companies but I will list the main Canadian ones here too to make it easier for you to consider Canadian phone companies if you want to.

Bell Canada

Remember you don't have to use the same company that provides the physical line, to get the calls to that physical line. Any phone company can send calls to your local number and any company can send the calls to your toll free number to that local number too.

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