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by sanjay     July 23, 2015    
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Great service, horrible customer service

We have Comcast for our internet at home. I love the service and the price we pay ($59.95 per month) is very reasonable, however, I will be canceling my services with them because they have tried charging me a late fee 2 months in a row! On the bill on the back of the page with the payment coupon, there is a section that states (EXACT QUOTE) "A $9.50 late fee is assessed for all balances not paid within 30 days following the bill date. Additional late fees and charges may be assessed in the event the account is not paid. A $30 fee is assessed for field collections due to nonpayment. A $30 fee is assessed for returned payments." My January 2016 bill was due on 1/10/16 and the check was cleared on 1/11/16 (1 day late), Feb 2016 was due 2/10/16 and the check cleared on 2/10 (due date), March 2016 bill due on 3/10/16 and the check was cleared on 3/10 (due date), April 2016 was due on 4/10/16 and the check cleared on 4/8 (2 days BEFORE the due date), March 2016 bill was due on 5/8/16 and the check cleared on 5/12 (4 days late, however, I did call on 5/10 to inform them that the bill was going to be a few days late because I had fraudulent activity on my account and was awaiting my new checks). In May I was charged a $9.50 late fee for my APRIL payment (that the check cleared 2 days BEFORE the due date) and now in June (bill is due 7/8/16) I am being charged ANOTHER $9.50 late fee when my bill was due 6/10/16 and the check cleared on 6/6! How can you charge me a late fee for a payment being received before the due date or even 4 days late when your bill states that you charge a late fee for any bill that is 30 days late!? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! And the man that I spoke to argued with me and told me I was 60 days late but yet I have proof of ALL of my cleared checks since I have been a customer of Comcast (which is over 5 years)!

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