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by sanjay     July 24, 2015    
Clint Courson
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FlowRoute is very good, but very strict when it comes to ownership of phone numbers, and it proved to be a big problem as my previous carrier (BrightHouse Networks) did not cooperate very well in the transition. In short, BHN could not provide me with a document, an invoice, that showed all the numbers that were owned by me, and further, we also found out they have never transferred other 800 numbers we had purchased from 1800 numbers, which actually ended up being a benefit.

In the end, it took a lot of effort, and frustration, but we finally made the transfer after 3 months of work. It really wasn't totally FlowRoute's fault, but they also didn't offer me any way, such as a official transfer document, from them that I could submit to my carrier. 1800 Numbers, and Mr. Quimby, were very patient with the process, although his hands were tied, as FlowRoute would not accept his paperwork either.

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