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http://www.thinkmaya.com/?tyioer=rencontres-illustrateurs-milan-2013&5fa=10 The most important thing to take away from us and our little niche service here in the toll free world is the final point of the video above, that we're your insurance policy against getting stuck with the wrong service. And instead of trying to SELL you the service that pays us a commission we're on YOUR side and empowering, educating and protecting YOU!

3 things we want to do for you:

http://ecapguatemala.org.gt/poioe/10101 1. Get you a better number, whether you just want a GOOD number ($39 one time fee), a TRUE 800 number ($69 one time fee), a PREMIUM 800 number ($469 one time fee), or even a Vanity Number that spells something from TollFreeNumbers.com ($49 one time fee), we'll get you a better number that you OWN with no monthly fee or per min fee.

2. Next we'll help you find the best possible 800 service, by explaining the different types, and giving you the real customer reviews that you never get from their sales hype.

http://plasticrepair.es/?esminer=citas-en-linea-eps-sanitas&456=e2 3. Finally we've been here since before even the biggest phone companies even had websites. We're real people and we'll insure you not only can't be held hostage but you have an expert watching your back when you need it.

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helicopter virtual tour of all 800 services Fly over view of all the 1-800 Services

cherche cГ©libataire femme You can only see so much of a company from their website. Our goal is to show you the real info about every company, summarizing their service, but showing you things you wouldn't see from their website. One of the unique things that we do is to give you a virtual tour, flying you right to that company's office. You can look down and at it from the street. That doesn't always show you that much but it does give you an interesting perspective sometimes. Is it based in a home or a large corporate park? Is it downtown in a big city or is it by the water? It's just one more fun thing we do to give you a virtual tour of toll free providers nationwide.

Canadian 800 service all works the same as US Canadian 800 Services

click here One of the questions we get is can these numbers be used in Canada and what Canadian phone services can we use it with? First the short answer is yes, any number you get from us can be used in Canada. It's the same system, the North American Numbering Plan and we use the same country code and dialing. You can point any toll free number to a Canadian or US local number and can use any company you want for the service, and can receive calls from wherever you want in the US and/or Canada.

source link So what companies can you use in Canada? You can use most of the Milkshake and VOIP companies. You do NOT have to use Canadian based companies but I will list the main Canadian ones here too to make it easier for you to consider Canadian phone companies if you want to.

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Bell Canada

http://gerblhof.de/?frihya=frauen-aus-n%C3%BCrnberg-kennenlernen&7e8=c6 Remember you don't have to use the same company that provides the physical line, to get the calls to that physical line. Any phone company can send calls to your local number and any company can send the calls to your toll free number to that local number too.

what hapens next after ordering an 800 number Whats Next?

http://thinkmaya.com/?biorer=site-de-rencontres-nrj&e2b=fe What's next after ordering?
You placed an order for a GOOD Number, a RANDOM Number, or a PREMIUM Number, and you're wondering What's Next.... well we're processing it and will email you within a couple hours or less with the number and then you'll get the documentation usually the following morning or within 24 hours.  The number should be working in about the same time, forwarding to your local ring to number.

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