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How does it work?
It's super Easy. You place the order online and just tell us where you want the calls sent. We'll turn it on and send you the documentation and you just pick whatever company you want to use for the ongoing service.

How long does it take?
It takes about 24 hours to set it all up. And if you're asking about how long it takes to transfer it, we release numbers the same day we get the request, though it usually takes most phone companies 2-8 days to process and send the request to us.

How do I change the ring to number?
If it's still in the first 30 days of the free temporary service just email us your details and we'll change it. After that you'd go through whatever company you transferred it to for the ongoing service to change it. You can also change the ring to number as part of transfer process by just giving the new company the new ring to number.
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How do I get a discount?
Volume Discounts at 800numbers.com start at 25#s. If you have a large need definitely talk to us and we'll do anything we can to help you
How do I get a vanity number? Short Answer: at TollFreeNumbers.com.
Just use the lookup tool on the top of the page at TollFreeNumbers.com and enter words or phrases and pick any available number. We don't do vanity numbers at 800NUMBERS.com but we do at TollFreeNumbers.com.
How do I transfer it?
You start the transfer process by asking the new company for their transfer form. Fill that out and give it back to the new company with your info and the toll free birth certificate. They'll get it ready there and send the request to the us and we release them usually the same business day, faster than anyone else.
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How much does it cost?
Most of the numbers we get are $39. There are also True800 numbers for $69 and some Premium 1-800 numbers for $499
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How long have we done this?
Only 20 years. That's actually longer than even many of the biggest phone companies last. We've lasted because we're dedicated to this and you!
How many numbers can we have or get?
There's no real limit. You can have multiple numbers and can point them to the same number or different ones.
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