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Level 3 Communications
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by sanjay     July 23, 2015    
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national MPLS network

This does not pertain to a resporg of a toll free number. I am talking about a national IP/MPLS network.
1) in order to insure that we will have service by a certain date we have to order the service 60-90 days ahead. We are happy to pay for a month in advance if Level3 installs in a reasonable time. But, it is sad when other providers can do this with a 30-45 day window.
2) You must actively pursue a ticket to insure it gets looked at. Initial contact are with note takes with very little technical knowledge.
3) Any issue involving Level3 and another provider is painful. It takes much work just to get a conference call agreed to by Level3.
4) Techs often to not read the whole ticket or do not understand the issue or are looking at the wrong site - wasting their time and mine.
5) Tickets are passed from tech to tech which means that if the issue is not simple you have to explain it to the new tech again.
6) New solutions offered by Cisco are not tested. We had an 80% failure rate on the failover solution provided by Cisco/Level3.

If you need the scope of Level3 it makes sense. But budget for your staff to spend a lot of time resolving issues.

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