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by sanjay     July 23, 2015    
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Great SMB Option

Line 2 is great for anyone that needs a toll free service. I have been using it since it was Toktume. It is very easy to setup and use and i love the Line 2 app on my cell phone which allows me to keep an eye on call to my office and answer it remotely if needed. I like that Line 2 now allows the desktop app and mobile app to be logged in multiple places. Its also nice that you can setup it up as a complete IP PBX with extention etc for $12.45 per business extention. Things to watch out for is they use to advertise as unlimited calling however there is a 5000 minutes a month useage policy however if you have multiple extentions then each 5000 minutes is bundled. Also when they were Toktume i loved having a live answer helpdesk however in the past year or two they have gone away from live answer and its simply a online ticket system, this was a problem last year for me when they toll free sms stopped working and they didnt have a sulution for months also recently they have had couple major outages that have caused our toll free number to now work otherwise they have been a great service that just works.

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