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Can the calls be sent to a cell phone? Short Answer: Yes!
Of course. You'll get dumb answers from most cell phone companies. And it costs more to terminate calls to a cell phone, they don't get to sell you the outbound long distance, and they're usually small companies so a lot of companies don't want do it or give you strange answers but of course you can and we'll help you. Any number you get from us can go directly to a cell phone.
Does it have to be active to transfer it?
It's true you can't transfer numbers in disconnect, but phone numbers don't have to be ringing through to someone, to be transferred. They just have to be active in the national database. Sometimes phone companies just dial the number and if it doesn't go through assume it's not active, which is silly. We give you a year of free parking after the initial free temporary service expires so even a year later the calls won't go through but it's just waiting to be transferred.

Does it have to stay active after I transfer it?
Yes, you have to keep it active somewhere. You can transfer it from company to company as much as you need, but don't disconnect and come back a year later assuming it's still yours and available.

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Can we receive texts on a toll free number?
Toll free numbers never had texting before but there's a new system starting to be introduced that allows texting now. Any number you get from us can be set up to allow texting but it depends on the carrier you use. We can refer you to some services if you need it
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Will the toll free number show up on my caller ID?
Caller ID will work the same way it did before you got the toll free number. Toll free numbers don't affect caller ID since caller ID shows the caller, not the number they dialed and when you make out bound calls you're calling from the local number not the toll free number.
Does it work in Canada? YES!
Everything works the same in Canada as the US. It's all one system.
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