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You could study a companies website and talk to as many people there as you want, but they're only telling one side of the picture, namely THEIRS. Even if they have a million testimonials and comparisons, you can't tell if they're real and you can't compare the most important thing of all, the happiness of customers from one company to another.
Face it, everybody makes themselves look good on their website. A companies website is great for explaining the details and costs of their products or services. But there's no one company that's the best for everyone despite what the person or website trying to SELL you wants you to believe.
Its hard to know how much of what they're saying is real, especially for companies you've never heard of before and you know they're never going to show the real dirty laundry.
That's where we come in. We're not trying to show you all the details of their plans and services. NOBODY can honestly do that for even a fraction of the 100 different toll free providers. We're building something unique to show you the most important part that they can't show you, the customer satisfaction!
Every other website you go to, even most so called evaluations are only trying to SELL you the service that they get a commission from. We are the ONLY site and company in the toll free business that is NOT trying to sell you the service
Don't make a decision solely on user reviews but NEVER make one without that either. Like the song says, "I get by with a little help from my friends..." Experience is definitely the best teacher, (especially when it's someone else's experience!)" [Teacher and other peoples Experience]