800 Numbers




Phone companies always give out the worst case scenario in terms of time it takes

Phone companies almost always exaggerate or at least over estimate the amount of time it takes to transfer your number for several reasons. They have to assume the releasing phone company will be slow, they want to give themselves extra time and they would also rather get it done quicker than have the customer complain. So they almost always give out the worst case scenario in terms of timing. So don't freak out or expect that it's actually going to take weeks for transfers with most phone companies.


We communicate better with you and the releasing company

Most companies treat the transfer process as a mysterious black box. They don't explain anything or communicate very well about it to say the least and they seem to blame the other party by default even if it was blocked internally on their end. Again we're the opposite of that, explaining the process and communicating as much as possible. We email the customer and the new carrier to let them know when we have received and processed their request, and to confirm that it's been released.


Why we can't just release numbers without the new company's request

Sometimes people just think why can't we just release their number to the phone company they want? That would be like returning an item you purchased at the store by walking in the front door of the store and just putting it on the floor by the side of the door. Yes it's under their control, but if they don't know who's it is, where it's supposed to ring to, and with what coverage and options, and have all the proper authorization to put it onto their account, they wouldn't be able to activate or bill the customer for it. You don't want anyone else in that phone company to be able to activate it or take it. That's why it has to be set up and connected to the right account before the phone company sends us the request. There's a system and we all have to follow it to insure that this gets done properly.

Once we've released the number we can't make changes but we give them a couple days before we shut off.

Unfortunately if there's an issue with your service after it's been released to the new organization the old organization can NOT change or control it. Only the new organization can.

Your service doesn't automatically stop when it's released. It'll continue until the new carrier reprograms it or the old carrier shuts it off. If the free temporary service hasn't expired we usually give the new organization a couple days before we tell the old carrier to shut it off. But the carrier that sent the request is supposed to be ready and should be able to program the number within a day or two. There shouldn't be any lapse of coverage for most transfers, and if there is it should be minimal.


Your number doesn't have to be ringing to be active and able to be transferred.

We give customers free temporary service for the first 30 days or 100 minutes of use but that doesn't mean it has to be transferred during the first 30 days. We give you Free Parking, keeping the numbers active in the national database waiting to be transferred for a year even after the temporary service expires. The number doesn't have to be ringing through to be transferred. Occasionally a phone company will think it's not able to be transferred because it's not ringing through. The simplest solution for this is just to explain to the representative saying its not active, that it is active, but is only active from your area code and ask to put the transfer through anyway, that we're ready and waiting for the request


Your toll free birth certificate is the ultimate proof of ownership

We're well known by other 800 departments in most of the other phone companies (Resporgs) for our toll free birth certificate. It's cute but it also serve an important purpose. It is memorable and other phone companies recognize it and know the number will be released quicker. It also proves to us that it's coming from the right place so we know we can release that number even if the request is in a different name. We do a better job of transferring 800 numbers than anyone. That's also why a few companies that charge a fee to transfer numbers waive that fee when it's coming from us.

You can transfer the number into any name or address you want, if you include the birth certificate. That's also why we can't just send out the birth certificate to just anyone. We can only send that out to the original contact or someone that has all of the original contact information. This is for your protection.

If you don't transfer your number you get 1 year of Free Parking, where the number is just waiting for you to transfer it to ANY phone company you want. After you transfer it though you have to keep it Active somewhere.

You can transfer your number to ANY toll free service you want. We're the safe choice because you're NOT committing to a specific company or service if we show the details up front. It also makes it harder for visitors if they think they have to decide or commit up front.