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Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers or numbers that spell things are memorable and valuable because they increase the response rate to all your advertising. The simple fact is that people remember words better than numbers.
They are harder to get through and we have another website TollFreeNumbers.com specifically for that with the most powerful Toll Free Search Engine designed to help you locate the best available numbers. 800NUMBERS.com is NOT able to do vanity numbers or specific toll free numbers.
We'll give you a "Good" number here at 800NUMBERS.com but you have to use TollFreeNumbers.com to request a vanity number.

It's only $10 more for a more memorable vanity number at TollFreeNumbers.com. You get the same Independent Poof of Ownership from TollFreeNumbers.com. You get FREE temporary service and the ability to use it with ANY phone company or phone number, and the security of not being held hostage, and a more memorable number, all for just $10 more.


Tips on Searching for a Vanity Number

Use Letters. You don't have to just use numbers. The computer can translate and can relate words to other words to give you more related options.
Use Short words. You don't need to have all 7 digits to do a search. Let the computer mix and match different terms with yours to give you more options.
Be Creative. This is the MOST important tip of all! Think outside of the box!
Use Secondary terms
Use your Initials
Add your state initials before or after a generic word