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VCLS, LLC/Vitelity
Phone Company
by sanjay     July 23, 2015    
Jamyn Shanley
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Good service, reliable, fast transfers, and they run promotions sometimes for LNP fees so it makes things easy.
Their management portal is pretty easy to navigate, and when you order new service or features, it's activated pretty much immediately.

The only downside is that billing for any given order starts on the day you placed the order. They don't pro-rate.
So for example, if you order a phone # on the 1st, then another a few months down the road on the 17th, then another on the 12th - you'll be billed three times, once on each of those days. When I tried to get them to consolidate billing, they said I'd have to "lose" whatever I paid in fees for the current month, then pre-pay the next month's fees to get billing all fixed up. So that was weird and really not very professional. For me, it wasn't a huge cost since I only had 5 lines, but if you are paying for more expensive service it might be a bigger deal to "lose" a month's worth of fees to line up your billing date.

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