800 Numbers



What does a toll free number do?
A toll free number just rings to or forwards calls to whatever local number you want. It's FREE to the call, hence the name Toll Free, and the receiving party pays for the cost of the call. But it costs almost nothing these days to make calls, and just as little to receive them on a toll free number. Anyone that advertises and wants to encourage and increase the number of calls should use an 800 number.
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What happens next? [search next]
When you order a number you get a receipt immediately and an email the same day confirming the toll free number, at which point you can count on the number. You'll get the full documentation within 24 hours and it'll be working approximately the same time. It takes some actual work to set it all up and we do it faster than any regular phone company and try to communicate better all through the process as well.
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What happens if the temp service runs out?
We give you the first 30 days or the first 100 minutes of use for FREE and when that runs out, it goes into a year of Free Parking just waiting for you to transfer it, so you have plenty of time to get your ducks in a row.

What phone companies can I use it with?
Short Answer: Any toll free service! Some phone companies might not provide toll free service but if they do they can accept the number. We have over 100 listed in our directory but you're not really even limited to those.

What are the benefits of a toll free number? [search benefits]
Bigger more established image - ig companies need them and small companies need to look like big companies.
Increased Credibility - your goal isn't just to get prospects to call you, but to look like the biggest most credible option.
Better Tracking & Reporting - you even get a list of all the incoming calls every month with most services.
Call Routing - you can change the ring to number or route to multiple different numbers.
A More National Image - with a local number you seem like you're out of the area to 98% of the country but with a toll free number you feel local to everyone.
Portability - You can change the type of service as your business grows and changes.